tirsdag 10. august 2010

A Norwegian sake adventure

Sake from Nøgne Ø. Photo: Gunnar Lie
Dagens Næringsliv, 06.08.10,Vinguiden; Merete Bø

After several years of planning could finally micro brewery Nøgne Ø initiate its own sake production in January this year.

Although sake has roots stretching back to the year 700 AD in Japan, sake has been an unwritten chapter in the Norwegian context. Until now.

Japanese rice is imported to get the best result, although Nøgne Ø for fun also tried the Italian matrix. Some of the rice Nøgne Ø User Name Yamada Nishiki, also called the King of sakeris and regarded as the most exclusive and best brand. While most of the rice is of type Ginpu coming from Hokkaido.

This has resulted in three very different cases that were launched in May this year. Unfortunately, production is small and the bottles have not yet found its way to Vinmonopolet shelves. It is expected however, that they appear in the order range in autumn. So far, only a few selection of restaurants and bars that have bottles from the menu. But those who wait for something good does not wait in vain.

Read more, check test, see the selection: http://www.dn.no/vinguiden/article1950549.ece

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