fredag 17. august 2012

Kojimaking for a new sake

Our Toji started the kojimaking for a new upcoming sake today!

Weighing the mold spores- Aspergillus Oryzae

The tool for spreading the mold

Mold spores are sprinkled

Mixing rice and mold spores

The rice needs to rest for a day 

torsdag 2. august 2012

Season II

Sake brewing is a labor intensive, hands on endeavour and the more passion, pain and love that goes into the brewing the more wondrous the final product. A special thanks to those that took the time out to lend a helping hand.

Photos of Anders Nielsen and Sahon Flan.
Our second Sake brewing season is winding down. The last two batches are soon to be pressed and then we will be ready to carefully blend and  pasteurize our six batches from this season to make our Junmai Sake. 
Our focus this season has been to produce the Junmai which is now available in Vinmonopolet outlets throughout Norway. Another exciting development is that this product will soon be available through the LCBO in Ontario, Canada.

We are looking forward to the next brewing season where we will be brewing Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo Sake…… Nøgne ø we live for new challenges and this spirit lives in our Hidaka Jima Sake. Junmai Ginjo and Daiginjo brewed in Norway with Ginpu rice from Hokkaido, fantastic! 

To round out the season we will of course follow this up by brewing some of our originals from our very first season in Europe’s very first Sake Brewery.