søndag 18. september 2011

Norwegian Sake in Vinland.

In August I had the opportunity to return to my home town, Vancouver, and of course I brought back as much of our Hidaka Jima (Nøgne Ø) Sake as I could pack into my suitcase. I was able to present our fine Yamahai Sake for tasting on two evenings at two different Japanese Restaurants. The first was an intimate meeting of former alumni of John Gauntner’s Level II Sake Professional Course. Lori Katakoa hosted the event at Shuraku Restaurant.

She’s the manager of this upscale Izakaya, that has a good showing of different types of Sake and an innovative menu of Japanese delicacies and Sushi. She is a strong local supporter in  raising the profile of Sake in Vancouver. This was a group of experienced discerning Sake tasters and they were duly impressed with Hidaka Jima Sake.

I was also able to piggyback a tasting of our Sake onto a Ginjo Sake/ Food pairing event at the first of a new monthly event, called Sake Sessions, to be held at Hapa Umi Restaurant.

 Our Nøgne Ø Sake is not Ginjo (made with Sake rice polished down to at least 60%) but we made it in with our good name and credentials such as we’re a Yamahai Junmai made with a more uncommon Ginpu rice from Hokkaido. The food pairings were outstanding and this less experienced but very enthusiastic crowd thoroughly enjoyed our Sake.

The popularity of Sake in Canada is steadily growing. There is a ground swell of people looking for the new tastes and nuances of Sake and the way it pairs so well with so many types of food. Sake lovers in Canada have heard rumours about this Hidaka Jima and now a few have even tried it. Who knows, maybe someday soon it will make it across the Atlantic to be enjoyed in Canadian Izakayas, restaurants, and homes!

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