torsdag 13. januar 2011

The Old Baker

We are frequently asked how our sake project is going.  

Frankly we are proud to tell that we are very happy about our products and its quality.

However, our wonderful sake(which we have a lot of!) goes nowhere, as turnover is extremely slow.

So how to explain our feelings about this? 
Poet and writer, Ingrid Hagerups’ children’s song (at least the first two verses) about the old baker really reflects our emotions.

Maybe this contemporary video is not what Ingrid Hagerup had in mind when she wrote this, but it is kind of descriptive anyway:

2 kommentarer:

  1. I didn't know about the Sake project until very recently. Have you tried selling directly to Japanese restaurants? There's a few of them now in Norway.

    I'm going to buy a couple of bottles this weekend, so I'll be doing my part. Not sure it will make a big difference, though.

  2. I´ve been looking for your sake and just found out today that they got it in my local Vinmonopol... what a joy!
    I think you need more publicity, get articles in blogs and so on. I´ll do my part and write a review in my blog when I get hold of the bottles... tomorrow I hope. Please don´t give up.... I´ve been waiting too long for good sake in Norway.