mandag 20. september 2010

Sake tasting

A few days ago Nøgne Ø was invited to a sake lecture and tasting in London.  The event was hosted by Hasegawa Saketen.  More than 200 different sake were available, and lots of toji from the different sakegura were present.
As always it is interesting to taste new and interesting Nihonshu, and there were lots of interesting people to meet.
At the end of the tasting, Hasegawa-san suggested that he and some professional sake judges could evaluate the Nøgne Ø sake.  A pretty nerve wrecking idea if you are asking me.  
So how did I feel?  Like a schoolboy in front of the professor!  These judges were true professionals.  I was very impressed with their feed back, which was highly appreciated.
And what was the verdict?  
Hmmm........I guess we are in disagreement on amino-san levels and whether to pasteurize or not.
The rest can wait until some other time!



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